KDGem was founded in 2008 in the heart of the cultural capital of Russia in the city St. Petersburg . Our company is first of all a family business, so we cherish our reputation and focus on a long-term friendship. We work only with Russian masters and craftsmen who correspond to our high standards of product quality and characteristics of stones. All our products have a full set of documents and passports of conformity.

At first in 2008 we opened a small department of jewelry in St. Petersburg, as a franchisee of one of the biggest Russian jewelry companies MUZ . In three months when we jumped into the top 10 best selling shops of this Israel-Russian jewelry manufacturer which counted more than 200 shops all over Russia. They decided that we are not so profitable for them as a franchisee and for them the department might work much more efficiently only for them so MUZ and KDGem separated and stayed under our own brand. As a newly born retailor we started purchasing goods all over Russia combining best hand crafted silverware with classical gold and diamonds in our shop.

Since 2014, in our hometown, under the brand KDGem we started to create unique author's products of famous local private jewelers such as Alexander Karpov, Vladimir Tokarev and Nicolay Krylov, using our own materials and exclusive design attracting more individual customers with rare and unique taste. The fast growth of our company was quickly noticed by several manufacturers of the Russian jewelry market, which gave us exclusive partnerships with some of Russians leading contemporary jewelers and designers including Maxim Demidov. This has allowed us to offer award winning collections that are unique to KDGem.

After several years of functioning on the Russian jewelry market, it became absolutely clear to us, that there is a big gap between low priced mass market bijouterie of a poor quality and truly empire taste and luxury in Romanovs style,exceptional and enormously expensive one of a kind items . Already famous factories in both cases were focused on huge profits so that it was nearly impossible to find a shop with a wide range for the growing middle class.


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